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The foundation and footing revolution, a micro pile solution installed and ready to use in minutes. A Steel pile foundation that is quicker to install, more economical and has higher capacities than other systems. Surefoot is superior to equivalent concrete foundations in both cost and labor, it eliminates excavation and has instant load bearing capacity enabling construction to start immediately.

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Surefoot works based on the same principales of other piling systems, it simply spreads the load into groups of smaller piles installed in angle (battering) to increase capacity. Surefoot is installed with portable power tools eliminating specialized machinery. It’s a light weight system with the load bearing capacity for multi-story constructions, large bending moment towers, temporary bridges and a whole host of other uses.

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Surefoot has been specified in hundreds of private and public construction projects. Both small and multinational companies have trusted in Surefoot in projects as diverse as mining, high end housing, towers, masts, renewable energy and illumination. Surefoot has proved its capacities in cyclones and hurricanes and it has permitted construction in impossible and previously economically unviable sites.

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We can quote your Project off plan as an alternative to concrete, to complement concrete or to replace helical pier or screw pile solutions. We can also advise on possible modifications to your construction system to realize further savings in both material and erection costs.


Our inhouse structural engineers can offer foundation design and calculations based on off the shelf Surefoot models or groupings for bespoke applications. Alternatively, if using your own engineers we can provide the data they need to design Surefoot solutions.


The innovative design of Surefoot allows installation with just basic training. We have evolved, fine tuned and simplified the surefoot system to this end. With some basic training in-house teams can perform the installation reducing costs even further. Alternatively Surefoot can install your foundation anywhere in the world.


For special and bespoke applications we can develop tailor-made structural Solutions from scratch based on the Surefoot technology.

  • SUREFOOT IS EXPANDING! we are currently setting up distribution in several European countries, many opportunities still exist both in Europe and beyond. Contact us for more information.


  • SUREFOOT is expanding! We are looking for full service installer/resellers in Scotland, Ireland and throughout Europe. Contact us for more information.